Not Another Boring Juice Fast

I admit it! It’s hard to do any kind of detox or fast after the hectic pace and snacks for dinner life, lived in December.

You would think the knowledge that the Daniel Fast is coming every year at the same time would help. It doesn’t! So slow we go, step by step.

I started by going for the jugular – my sweet tooth. There, I said it! No more agave. Waaaa! But I am over it now.

Then it was the late night snacks, pistachios and plantain chips.

It was a week of soups and salads as one by one the comfort foods went bye-bye. But I went out with a bang at my favorite falafel place, thanks to a bestie who took me for a celebratory meal at Maoz since were sticking to the plan.. Yum, yum, yum. That last big meal helped satisfy my cravings.

So moving on, the juice detox is in full effect. Do you notice how your olfactory perception is heightened during a detox? I haven’t had fried fish in eons but tonight I could smell it a block away.

Today’s Menu was:

Blended Vegetable Soup
Made in a VitaMix
Sundried tomatoes
Mixed Greens
Spring Water

Afternoon Snack Smoothie
Made in a Blender
Organic Soy Milk
Banana (frozen and fresh)
Maca Powder
Powdered Ginger
Powdered Vanilla

and for breakfast this bit of inspiration from Rawlicious in Soho, where a beautiful friend celebrated her birthday last week. It’s a “green” thriller!

Made in Juicer
3 Granny Smith Apples
4 stalks of Celery
3 inch root of Ginger

So refreshing it will have you Jumping for Joy!

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